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An at-home camp experience: 1 box, 6 weeks of activities for all ages, and $75+ in discounts (a $175+ value) delivered to your door.

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Shack Camp box and badges
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What's in the Box

The best camper is a prepared camper! For each week's activity, you'll have a Shack Camp reusable bag full of supplies + exclusive Shake Shack gear. Check? Check.

Week 1: DIY Lemonade Stand

  • Lemon reamer
  • Cocktail stirrer
  • Four Shake Shack reusable metal straws
  • Change pouch

Week 2: Campfire Stories

  • Fill-in-the-blank story script
  • Flashlight filter
  • Costume mask, hat + necklace
  • Splatterware mug

Week 3: Shack-tivism!

  • Customizable campaign buttons
  • Campaign poster
  • Shack Camp sticker sheet
  • DIY postcards
  • Paint

Week 4: Arts + Crafts

  • Two bandanas
  • Beads + stretchy string
  • Powdered fabric dye
  • Rubber bands

Week 5: Summer Sundaes

  • Shake Shack apron
  • Sprinkles
  • Shake Shack ice cream scoop
  • Spatula
  • Four custard cups

Week 6: Field Day

  • Shake Shack field notebook + pencils
  • Two sweatbands
  • Water balloons
Shack Camp box
Shack Camp badges

About Shack Camp

What’s Shack Camp? Only the most fun, interactive camp experience of the summer—minus the mosquitoes.

At our core, Shake Shack is a community gathering place. This summer looked different, so we asked ourselves how could we serve our guests outside of our four walls. Shack Camp is our way of gathering families of Shack fans across the country for summertime fun while we’re all stuck indoors and craving community (with a side of burgers). We hope you love it, and follow along at @shakeshack.

Shack Camp badges
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Camping for a cause

We’re proud to partner with our longtime friends at The Fresh Air Fund. To keep the magic of summer alive for thousands of underserved New York City kids whose summer programs were cancelled due to COVID-19, Shake Shack and our partners—shout out to Uber Eats, Goldbelly and OREO Cookies—are collectively pledging $75,000 to support The Fresh Air Fund’s 2020 Summer Programming.

Group of girls at summer camp

The Box

  • We’ve created six camp experiences to keep families engaged and active this summer, even though traditional summer camp is cancelled. We’ve written lesson plans to help you develop a business plan for a lemonade stand, to write your own scary stories to tell by your indoor DIY Campfire, whip up frozen custard sundaes, and much more. Shack Camp is what you make it!